Usage Patterns - AWS Storage Services Overview

Usage Patterns

CloudFront is ideal for distribution of frequently accessed static content that benefits from edge delivery, such as popular website images, videos, media files or software downloads. Amazon CloudFront can also be used to deliver dynamic web applications over HTTP. These applications can include static content, dynamic content, or a whole site with a mixture of the two. Amazon CloudFront is also commonly used to stream audio and video files to web browsers and mobile devices. To get a better understanding of your end user usage patterns, you can use Amazon CloudFront reports.

If you need to remove an object from Amazon CloudFront edge-server caches before it expires, you can either invalidate the object or use object versioning to serve a different version of the object that has a different name. Additionally, it might be better to serve infrequently accessed data directly from the origin server, avoiding the additional cost of origin fetches for data that is not likely to be reused at the edge; however, origin fetches to Amazon S3 are free.