AWS VPN CloudHub - Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Connectivity Options

AWS VPN CloudHub

Building on the AWS managed VPN options described previously, you can securely communicate from one site to another using the AWS VPN CloudHub. The AWS VPN CloudHub operates on a simple hub-and-spoke model that you can use with or without a VPC. Use this approach if you have multiple branch offices and existing internet connections and would like to implement a convenient, potentially low-cost hub-and-spoke model for primary or backup connectivity between these remote offices.

The following figure shows the AWS VPN CloudHub architecture, with lines indicating network traffic between remote sites being routed over their AWS VPN connections.

AWS VPN CloudHub

AWS VPN CloudHub uses an Amazon VPC virtual private gateway with multiple customer gateways, each using unique BGP autonomous system numbers (ASNs). The remote sites must not have overlapping IP ranges. Your gateways advertise the appropriate routes (BGP prefixes) over their VPN connections. These routing advertisements are received and re-advertised to each BGP peer so that each site can send data to and receive data from the other sites.

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