Software-to-AWS Managed VPN - Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Connectivity Options

Software-to-AWS Managed VPN

Amazon VPC provides the flexibility to combine the AWS managed VPN and software VPN options to connect multiple VPCs. With this design, you can create secure VPN tunnels between a software VPN appliance and a virtual private gateway to connect multiple VPCs into a larger virtual private network, allowing instances in each VPC to seamlessly connect to each other using private IP addresses. This option is recommended when you want to connect VPCs across multiple AWS regions and would like to take advantage of the AWS managed VPN endpoint including automated multi-data center redundancy and failover built into the virtual private gateway side of the VPN connection. This option uses a virtual private gateway in one Amazon VPC and a combination of an internet gateway and software VPN appliance in another Amazon VPC as shown in the following figure.

Figure: Intra-region VPC-to-VPC routing

Note that this design introduces a potential single point of failure into the network design as the software VPN appliance runs on a single Amazon EC2 instance. For additional information, see Appendix: High-Level HA Architecture for Software VPN Instances.

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