Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Connectivity Options
Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Connectivity Options

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Transit VPC

Building on the Software VPN design mentioned above, you can create a global transit network on AWS. A transit VPC is a common strategy for connecting multiple, geographically disperse VPCs and remote networks in order to create a global network transit center. A transit VPC simplifies network management and minimizes the number of connections required to connect multiple VPCs and remote networks. The following figure illustrates this design.

Figure: Software VPN and Transit VPC

Along with providing direct network routing between VPCs and on-premises networks, this design also enables the transit VPC to implement more complex routing rules, such as network address translation between overlapping network ranges, or to add additional network-level packet filtering or inspection. The transit VPC design can be used to support important use cases like, private networking, shared connectivity and cross account AWS usage.

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