All-in AWS model - Best Practices for Deploying ClioSoft SOS on AWS

All-in AWS model

The following all-in AWS model is no longer dependent on the on-premises data centers, you only need a desktop client to access the AWS Cloud. A lack of initial investment in on-premises compute infrastructure can also be a significant factor. Typically, you can run such environments with basic ISP connectivity over an AWS VPN.

        This image shows a cloud-only environment on AWS.

All-in AWS architecture

Because the entire design environment in this architecture runs in the cloud, the requirements for the design teams’ access to the tools and design data must be considered carefully. Design teams often must run workstations that support high-end graphics to design and debug simulation data. Though you can use open-source solutions such as VNC to access workstations, you can also use commercial solutions, including AWS WorkSpaces.