Enterprise deployment - Best Practices for Deploying ClioSoft SOS on AWS

Enterprise deployment

In principle, enterprise deployments are identical to startup design environment, but tend to be more complex. Typically, there are multiple teams of engineers working on multiple design projects. To handle more complex design flows and datasets, there are multiple NAS/NFS servers and compute devices on the network.

When you connect multiple sites across geographically diverse teams, you introduce an additional level of complexity. Typically, each site is (or should be) a replica of a main design site. See the following figure for details.

        This graphic shows multiple sites connected across geographically diverse

Multi-site enterprise deployment

The cache server provides a robust solution in enterprise deployments at both primary and remote sites. Optimizing storage is a critical issue at both primary and remote sites when your CAD and IT teams have a larger, and more complex, data set that must be shared across sites. By design, a cache server only fetches data that is consumed at that site, and you can configure it to prefetch the data before the user requests it. Because it tracks which data is being used, it can also scrub the unused design objects. The SOS7 Cache server not only optimizes the storage requirements, it also reduces the effects of latency to transfer data to the site.

SOS7 supports distributed hosting of project data, which means a project repository can be partitioned to be hosted locally at the sites where the majority of the team is located, and it can be made available and tracked at other sites using SOS7 referencing feature set. The distribution of SOS7 server and projects across sites enables enterprise deployments teams to maximize their resource usage while providing uncompromised data availability.