Get started with ClioSoft SOS7 on AWS - Best Practices for Deploying ClioSoft SOS on AWS

Get started with ClioSoft SOS7 on AWS

ClioSoft Inc. publishes a standard, one-click install solution for the SOS7 primary server that you can get on the AWS Marketplace. The Marketplace AMI is preconfigured with the latest SOS7 release, which can be used by 50 concurrent users consuming up to 500GB of repository disk space.

After evaluating several options available on AWS, ClioSoft Inc. recommends the following configuration:

  • RHEL7 or Amazon Linux

  • Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) GP2 volume 500GB disk space

  • All dependencies to run the SOS7 server

  • SOS7 continuous backups on Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets

  • m5.xlarge instance for 50 users

For a quick test or a proof of concept, the AMI is preconfigured with a test SOS7 server definition and a test project. We strongly recommend conforming server and project names to your corporate conventions for production use.

ClioSoft strongly recommends setting up a backup for primary servers before you start up the primary server. The AMI is preconfigured to mount an Amazon S3 bucket. The SOS7 server definition can use this mount point to run continuous hot backups. 

The AMI is also provisioned to use the instance as a FLEXlm license server. If you are an existing ClioSoft customer, you can request license files from ClioSoft by contacting . If you intend to evaluate ClioSoft SOS7 software, contact the ClioSoft Sales team at . The FLEXlm license file requires you to use specific ports, which you can configure when you set up your Security Group.

ClioSoft strongly recommends that you start up a single SOS7 service on an instance launched with the AMI available on the AWS Marketplace. The SOS7 service can host multiple, unlimited projects. However, for ease of management, we recommend that you set a limit of less than 100 projects on the SOS7 server. 

If you expect to have more than 50 users connecting to the server, or expect to use more than 500 GB of repository storage, you can contact ClioSoft Support () for customized recommendations.

The ClioSoft SOS7 Marketplace AMI is available in these regions: Virginia, Oregon, and Dublin. The AMI is available at: