Plugin Installation and Configuration - Best Practices for WordPress on AWS

Plugin Installation and Configuration

To install the plugin,

  1. Go to the WordPress plugin marketplace.

  2. Search for AWS for WordPress, and choose Install.

  3. In the WordPress plugin admin panel, choose AWS for WordPress and follow the steps on the Configuration tab to set up the plugin.

  4. You need an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) role or an IAM user to control authentication and authorization for your AWS account. We recommend using IAM roles as they provide a better way to manage access to AWS resources by enabling applications running on Amazon EC2 to use temporary security credentials that AWS creates, distributes, and rotates automatically.

  5. Copy the IAM policy found on the Configuration tab of the AWS for WordPress plugin page and attach it to the IAM role. This policy allows the WordPress plugin to execute only the commands necessary to create and update the services used within the plugin.

A detailed description of all AWS for WordPress settings is beyond the scope of this document. For configuration and options, see AWS for WordPress.