Reading your Content Through Amazon Alexa Devices - Best Practices for WordPress on AWS

Reading your Content Through Amazon Alexa Devices

You can extend WordPress websites and blogs through Alexa devices. This opens new possibilities for the creators and authors of websites to reach an even broader audience. It also makes it easier for people to listen to their favorite blogs by just asking Alexa to read them!

To expose the WordPress website to Alexa, you must enable:

  • AWS for WordPress plugin.

  • The text-to-speech and Amazon Pollycast functionalities. These functionalities generate an RSS feed on your WordPress site which is consumed by Amazon Alexa.

  • Amazon S3 as the default storage for your files in text-to-speech, it’s important that your website uses a secure HTTPS connection to expose its feed to Alexa.

The following diagram presents the flow of interactions and components that are required to expose your website through Alexa.

Figure 6: Flow of interactions required to expose WordPress websites through Alexa

  1. The user invokes a new Alexa skill, for example by saying: Alexa, ask Demo Blog for the latest update. The skill itself is created using one of the Alexa Skill Blueprints. This allows you to expose your skill through Alexa devices even if you don’t have deep technical knowledge.

  2. The Alexa skill analyzes the call and RSS feed that was generated by the AWS for WordPress plugin, and then returns the link to the audio version of the latest article.

  3. Based on the link provided by the feed, Alexa reads the article by playing the audio file saved on Amazon S3.

See the plugin page on WordPress marketplace for a detailed step by step guide for installing and configuring the plugin and its functionalities.