Next steps - Building a Cloud Operating Model

Next steps

To properly set the stage for transformation, organizations need to move towards iterative and incremental operating model improvements and a product-based mindset to IT delivery. This guide covered best practices for establishing a cloud operating model, including:

  • Start small, but keep the end in mind.

  • Strive to define a future state model that the cloud affords, and aligns to outcomes that are core to your business.

  • Be intentional about how you drive change and bring people along on the journey, and do so via iterative continuous improvements, cross-functional teams and experimentation.

  • Pilot what success looks like by establishing an initial cloud foundation team, identifying several candidate workloads to run on AWS, tracking clearly defined metrics, creating opportunities for continuous learning, and celebrating early wins.

By following these guidelines, you can set a foundation that can be emulated and scaled to other parts of the organization.