Future Proofing the Data Lake - Building Big Data Storage Solutions (Data Lakes) for Maximum Flexibility

Future Proofing the Data Lake

A data lake built on AWS can immediately solve a broad range of business analytics challenges and quickly provide value to your business. However, business needs are constantly evolving, AWS and the analytics partner ecosystem are rapidly evolving and adding new services and capabilities, as businesses and their data lake users achieve more experience and analytics sophistication over time. Therefore, it’s important that the data lake can seamlessly and non-disruptively evolve as needed.

AWS futureproofs your data lake with a standardized storage solution that grows with your organization by ingesting and storing all of your business’s data assets on a platform with virtually unlimited scalability and well-defined APIs and integrates with a wide variety of data processing tools. This allows you to add new capabilities to your data lake as you need them without infrastructure limitations or barriers. Additionally, you can perform agile analytics experiments against data lake assets to quickly explore new processing methods and tools, and then scale the promising ones into production without the need to build new infrastructure, duplicate and/or migrate data, and have users migrate to a new platform. In closing, a data lake built on AWS allows you to evolve your business around your data assets, and to use these data assets to quickly and agilely drive more business value and competitive differentiation without limits.