Performance Optimizations - Comparing the Use of Amazon DynamoDB and Apache HBase for NoSQL

Performance Optimizations

Amazon DynamoDB and Apache HBase are inherently optimized to process large volumes of data with high performance. NoSQL databases typically use an on-disk, column-oriented storage format for fast data access and reduced I/O when fulfilling queries. This performance characteristic is evident in both Amazon DynamoDB and Apache HBase.

Amazon DynamoDB stores items with the same partition key contiguously on disk to optimize fast data retrieval. Similarly, Apache HBase regions contain contiguous ranges of rows stored together to improve read operations. You can enhance performance even further if you apply techniques that maximize throughput at reduced costs, both at the infrastructure and application tiers.


A recommended best practice is to monitor Amazon DynamoDB and Apache HBase performance metrics to proactively detect and diagnose performance bottlenecks.

The following section focuses on several common performance optimizations that are specific to each database or deployment model.