Creating a Cost-Conscious Culture - Cost Management in the AWS Cloud

Creating a Cost-Conscious Culture

One of the first steps on your company’s cloud journey is to establish best practices for cloud cost management. Your organization should create a Cloud Center of Excellence and designate key stakeholders to oversee technical and architectural quality and advance a cost-conscious agenda.

This group often starts small and grows over time. A typical journey might look something like this:

  • Cost awareness – An individual from the finance or engineering team allocates a few hours per week to learn the basics of cloud cost management using AWS training resources, helps establish basic governance best practices, and participates in organization-wide cloud direction discussions. This individual also tends to evangelize the use of AWS reports and tools.

  • Cost management and optimization – Over time, the individual or small group that is driving the effort expands to a larger team, whose members define custom metrics, adopt and disseminate advanced reporting methodologies, and enforce cost allocation strategies (often via AWS resource tags).

  • Evangelism and process optimization – As financial and cost-management needs become more complex, a larger, dedicated team with advanced skills supports cost management across the organization and establishes internal communities of interest to support education and collaboration on key cloud topics.