AWS Cost and Usage Report - Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances and Other AWS Reservation Models

AWS Cost and Usage Report

The AWS Cost and Usage Report contains the most comprehensive set of data about your AWS costs and usage, including additional information regarding AWS services, pricing, and reservations. By using the AWS Cost and Usage report, you can gain a wealth of reservation-related insights about the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) for a reservation, the number of reservations, the number of units per reservation, and more. It can help you do the following:

  • Calculate savings – Each hourly line item of usage contains the discounted rate that was charged, in addition to the public On-Demand Instance rate for that usage type at that time. You can quantify your savings by calculating the difference between the public On-Demand Instance rates and the rates you were charged.

  • Track the allocation of Reserved Instance discounts – Each line item of usage that receives a discount contains information about where the discount came from. This makes it easier to trace which instances are benefitting from specific reservations.

These reports update up to three times per day.