Cost is Everyone's Responsibility - Creating a Culture of Cost Transparency and Accountability

Cost is Everyone's Responsibility

All teams can help manage cloud costs, and cost optimization is everyone’s responsibility. Many variables affect cost, and different levers can be pulled to drive operational excellence. The following are examples of different teams that need to consider cost optimization:

  • Engineering needs to know the cost of deploying resources and how to architect for cost optimization.

  • Finance needs cost data for accounting, reporting, and decision making.

  • Operations makes large-scale decisions that affect IT costs.

  • Business decision makers must track costs against budgets and understand ROI.

  • Executives need to understand the impact of cloud spending to help with divestitures, acquisitions, and organizational strategy.

In the past, few of these roles were tasked with the responsibility of understanding—let alone managing—IT costs. Now, stakeholders need training, policies, and tools to do this effectively. The best starting point is to create visibility into cloud costs.