Creating a Culture of Cost Transparency and Accountability
Creating a Culture of Cost Transparency and Accountability

Evangelizing Best Practices

As with all cloud activities, the key to developing best practices stems from infusing a business culture into everything you do. When a culture of accountability and transparency becomes intrinsic to the way you conduct business, you can see benefits quickly.

A cost-conscious cloud culture does not come about on its own. Changing processes and behaviors takes time and effort. Clear policies around cost ownership, deployment processes, reporting, and other best practices should be developed and evangelized across your organization. Training can help staff understand how cloud costs work and steps they can take to eliminate waste.

Some fundamental policies to consider include:

  • Turning off unused resources

  • Using Amazon EC2 Spot Instances, Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances, and other service reservation types where appropriate

  • Using alerts, notifications, and AWS Budgets to help teams stay on track

  • Reporting waste on a team- and company-level

  • Applying showbacks and chargebacks to enable cost accountability

  • Setting up dashboards to enable widespread monitoring of cloud usage

  • Setting up communication cadences to ensure visibility of cost management issues to the right people