Conclusion - Designing MQTT Topics for AWS IoT Core


MQTT is a simple, secure, flexible, and robust IoT protocol. It allows you to define communication networks between devices and the cloud that can tailor fit an increasingly large number of customer use cases. To support you on your initial steps in using MQTT on AWS IoT, this whitepaper has presented several best practices, guidelines, and considerations that can be used when reviewing how to scale IoT device communications.

AWS IoT enables the definition of several MQTT communication patterns—point-to-point, broadcast, and fan-in —that relate to different use cases. In addition, AWS IoT Services provide you with additional managed services including, but not limited to, AWS IoT Jobs, AWS IoT Shadow, and the AWS IoT Rules Engine.

When scaling IoT solutions, use the best practices for defining telemetry and commands while ensuring that the overall MQTT design does not conflict with the overall best practices for MQTT outlined in this paper. Last, consider how your IoT topic structure impacts operational and business visibility in the cloud. To achieve strong business value, you must plan, develop, design, and use AWS IoT rules to fully leverage the IoT application’s MQTT topic schema.