Business Continuity - Establishing Your Cloud Foundation on AWS

Business Continuity

Resilience is critical, it affects the quality of service your users experience. The capabilities within this area enable you to have a strategy in place to continue operations during a time of inefficiency or crisis, including Disaster Recovery, Backups and Support. Having this in place can help avoid downtime during outages or unprecedented situations.

A chart showing which capabilities fall under each category.

Business Continuity Category

Business Continuity capabilities include:

  • Backups is the ability to make reliable copy of data in a reliable way for retrieval as needed to meet business and security goals, Recovery Point Objective (RPO), and Recovery Time Objective (RTO). Content to be backed up includes: orchestration framework data and configuration, application data, logs, and customer data.

  • Disaster Recovery enables you to plan for and respond to a disaster scenario to ensure continuity of systems and to minimize the impact to the business. This includes the backup or replication of data and systems, failing over, testing, and executing against a DR plan.

  • Support enables you to troubleshoot your cloud environment, submit tickets, integrate into existing ticketing systems, and escalate issues to an appropriate entity for a timely response depending on criticality and support level.