Network Connectivity capability - Establishing Your Cloud Foundation on AWS

Network Connectivity capability

The Network Connectivity capability enables you to create, manage, and monitor secure, scalable, and highly available networks for your applications and workloads. This includes connectivity within the cloud, Hybrid connectivity, IP address management, network logging and monitoring, and DNS management.


  • Networking (Primary)

  • Central IT

  • Software Engineering


  • Cloud Team - the team(s) who make cloud available to customers.

  • Networking Team - the members of the Cloud team responsible for security in AWS.

  • Developer experience - Development teams that will be deploying workloads onto the network.

Supporting capabilities: Identity Management and Access Control capability


  • CF11 - S1: Connectivity within the cloud

  • CF11 - S2: IP address management

    • Design IP address scheme

  • CF11 - S4: Hybrid connectivity

  • CF11 - S5: Network logging and monitoring

  • CF11 - S6: DNS management

  • CF11 - S8: Network orchestration