Network Connectivity capability - Establishing Your Cloud Foundation on AWS

Network Connectivity capability

The Network Connectivity capability helps you build secure, scalable, and highly available networks with consistent high performance and broad global coverage for your applications and workloads. This capability will also help your team learn about solutions for managing growing infrastructure and hybrid connectivity between two infrastructures while keeping overhead costs low.

Functional Areas:

  • Networking (Primary Functional Area)

  • Central IT

  • Software Engineering


  • Cloud Team - the team(s) who make cloud available to customers.

  • Networking Team - the members of the Cloud team responsible for security in AWS.

  • Developer experience - Development teams that will be deploying workloads onto the network.

Supporting capabilities: Identity Management & Access Control capability


  • CF11 - S1: Connectivity within the cloud

    • Establish private connectivity to services

    • Implement a strategy to connect multiple environments

  • CF11 - S2: IP address and multiple network management

    • Design IP address scheme

  • CF11 - S3: Centralized or distributed network configuration and management

    • Centralize network management

  • CF11 - S4: Hybrid connectivity

    • Establish connectivity between on-premises and cloud

    • Access compute resources (such as host operating systems)

    • Setup redundant, highly available, and fault tolerant connection(s)

  • CF11 - S5: Network monitoring and logging

    • Enable network logging to view IP level traffic entering and leaving your network

    • Monitor and analyze network logs and metrics

    • Setup network monitoring dashboards to view metrics, historic logs, and network performance statistics

  • CF11 - S6: DNS management

    • Implement DNS for your cloud resources

    • Set up logging for DNS query auditing and troubleshooting

  • CF11 - S7: SaaS provider connectivity

    • Connect privately to SaaS provider