Amazon EC2 cost breakdown - How AWS Pricing Works

Amazon EC2 cost breakdown

The following table shows the characteristics for Amazon EC2 used for this dynamic site in the US East Region.

Characteristic Estimated Usage Description
Utilization 100% All infrastructure components run 24 hour per day, 7 days per week
Instance t3a.xlarge 16 GB memory, 4 vCPU
Storage Amazon EBS SSD gp2 1 EBS volume per instance with 30 GB of storage per volume
Data backup Daily EBS snapshots 1 EBS volume per instance with 30 GB of storage per volume
Data transfer

Data in: 1 Tb/month

Data out: 1 Tb/month

10% incremental change per day
Instance scale 4 On average per day, there are 4 instances running
Load Balancing 20 Gb/Hour Elastic Load Balancing is used 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. It processes a total of 20 Gb/Hour (data in + data out)
Database MySQL, db.m5.large instance with 8 GB memory, 2 vCPUs, 100 GB storage Multi-AZ deployment with synchronous standby replica in separate Availability Zone

The total cost for one month is the sum of the cost of the running services and data transfer out, minus the AWS Free Tier discount. We calculated the total cost using the AWS Pricing Calculator.

Table : Cost breakdown

Service Monthly Annually Configuration
Elastic Load Balancing $87.60 $1051.20 Number of Network Load Balancers (1), Processed bytes per NLB for TCP (20 GB per hour)
Amazon EC2 $439.16 $5269.92 Operating system (Linux), Quantity (4), Storage for each EC2 instance (General Purpose SSD (gp2)), Storage amount (30 GB), Instance type (t3a.xlarge)
Amazon Elastic IP address $0 $0 Number of EC2 instances (1), Number of EIPs per instance (1)
Amazon RDS for MySQL $272.66 $ 3271.92 Quantity (1) db.m5.large, Storage for each RDS instance (General Purpose SSD [gp2]), Storage amount (100 GB)
Amazon RouteĀ 53 $183.00 $2,196.00 Hosted Zones (1), Number of Elastic Network Interfaces (2), Basic Checks Within AWS (0)
Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) $92.07 $1,104.84 Data Transfer cost, Inbound (from: Internet) 1 TB per month Outbound (to: Internet) 1 TB per month Intra-Region 0 TB per month