Architecture - How AWS Pricing Works


Elastic Load Balancing balances traffic to the Amazon EC2 Instances in an AWS Auto Scaling group, which adds or subtracts Amazon EC2 Instances to match load. Deploying Amazon RDS across multiple Availability Zones enhances data durability and availability. Amazon RDS provisions and maintains a standby in a different Availability Zone for automatic failover in the event of outages, planned or unplanned. The following illustration shows the example architecture for a dynamic website using Amazon EC2, AWS Auto Scaling, Security Groups to enforce least-privilege access to AWS infrastructure and selected architecture components, and one Amazon RDS database instance across multiple Availability Zones (Multi AZ deployment). All these components are deployed into single region and VPC. The VPC is spread out into two availability zones to support failover scenarios with and RouteĀ 53 Resolver to manage and route requests for 1 hosted zone towards Elastic Load Balancer.

AWS Cloud deployment architecture

Figure 3: AWS Cloud deployment architecture