Conclusion - How AWS Pricing Works


Although the number and types of services offered by AWS have increased dramatically, our philosophy on pricing has not changed. You pay as you go, pay for what you use, pay less as you use more, and pay even less when you reserve capacity. All these options are empowering AWS customers to choose their preferred pricing model and increase flexibility of their cost strategy.

Projecting costs for a use case, such as web application hosting, can be challenging, because a solution typically uses multiple features across multiple AWS products, which in turn means there are more factors and purchase options to consider.

The best way to estimate costs is to examine the fundamental characteristics for each AWS product, estimate your usage for each characteristic, and then map that usage to the prices posted on the website.

You can use the AWS Pricing Calculator to estimate your monthly bill. The calculator provides a per-service cost breakdown, as well as an aggregate monthly estimate. You can also use the calculator to see an estimation and breakdown of costs for common solutions.

Remember, you can get started with most AWS services at no cost using the AWS Free Tier.