AWS hybrid connectivity services - Hybrid Connectivity

AWS hybrid connectivity services

The AWS network services provide an abstraction layer to highly scalable and available networking components. They play an essential role to enable and facilitate building hybrid networking solutions. At the time of this whitepaper writing, there are three primary service endpoints:

  • AWS Virtual Private Gateway (VGW) is a regional service, that is highly available (redundant component within a VPC across multiple Availability Zones). It offers distributed IP routing and forwarding at the VPC level. In other words, it acts as the gateway for the VPC to communicate with your remote networks such as on-premises sites. VGW is capable of terminating AWS S2S VPN connections as well as AWS Direct Connect private virtual interfaces.

  • Direct Connect Gateway (DXGW) is a globally available service, where you can create the DXGW in any public AWS Region and access it from any other public AWS Regions. An AWS Direct Connect connection can be linked to an AWS DXGW. DXGW can be associated with either VGW (directly to a VPC) or can be associated with AWS Transit Gateway.

  • AWS Transit Gateway is a regional highly available and scalable service that enables you to connect multiple VPCs with each other, as well as with the on-premises networks over Site-to-Site VPN and/or Direct Connect using a single centralized gateway. Conceptually, an AWS Transit Gateway acts like a virtual cloud router. However, it is more scalable and reliable than a virtual router. AWS Transit Gateway uses AWS Hyperplane system in the backend (to learn more about the AWS Hyperplane, refer to AWS re:Invent session here). Because it is a logical object, AWS Transit Gateway provides an abstraction centralized layer, where you can create and manage connecting, connectivity rules and routing control, which helps to simplify the manageability of the network solution. AWS Transit Gateway enables you to scale your connection throughput with equal cost multi-path (ECMP) routing support over multiple Direct Connect connections or VPN tunnels. For more details see AWS Transit Gateway scenarios.