Time to deploy - Hybrid Connectivity

Time to deploy


From a design selection thought process, this is typically the first consideration you need to look at to determine the options you have. This consideration is related with how long you must establish the connectivity with AWS. You need to consider if you need to establish the connectivity within hours, days, weeks, or months. This will influence your decision to use an internet-based connection, a private and dedicated connection or a private connection provided as a managed service by a service provider or AWS Direct Connect Partner.

Impact on design decision

Depending on how long you have before the connection needs to be established will impact if you need to leverage existing links or if you have time to engage service providers to provision new links that can meet your connectivity requirements.

You also need to consider if the connection is required for a long period of time such as when your company will operate for months or years in a hybrid mode or if the connection is required for a temporary purpose. Temporary refers to the need of a connection to achieve certain goal within a defined period of time of usually up to a few weeks. For example, temporary test and development environment in the cloud that needs connection to on-premises during the test and development period only, or for performing data processing in the cloud for a given period of time only.

Requirement definition

  • What is the required timeline for the deployment? Hours, days, weeks, or months?

Technical solutions

When you have hours or a few days to establish connectivity with AWS, you will most likely need to use a link that already exists. For most customers, this means using their existing on-premises internet connection. On top of this connection, you would establish a Site-to-Site VPN to AWS.

When you have a few weeks, in addition to leveraging an internet-based connection, you can look into working with an AWS Direct Connect Partner to establish connectivity with AWS. AWS Direct Connect Partners (APN) help you establish network connectivity between AWS Direct Connect locations and your data center, office, or colocation environment. Certain AWS Direct Connect Partners are approved to offer Direct Connect Hosted Connections. Hosted Connections are usually provisioned faster than Dedicated Connections. When providing a Hosted Connection, in most cases, the AWS Direct Connect Partner leverages their existing physical interconnection to AWS. The AWS Direct Connect Partner will provision each Hosted Connection over a network link between themselves and AWS that is shared by multiple customers.

When you have several weeks to months, in addition to the options mentioned previously, you can look into establishing a dedicated private connection with AWS. AWS Direct Connect Dedicated Connections are facilitated by service providers and AWS Direct Connect Partners. You can contact AWS Direct Connect Partner to learn more about their specific capabilities (connection speed and type). It is common for service providers to install a router (or other network devices) at the customer’s premises as well as in the direct connect location to facilitate a Direct Connect Dedicated Connection. Depending on the service provider, location of your site and other physical factors, the installation of a Direct Connect Dedicated Connection can take from several weeks to a few months. Refer to Getting started with AWS Direct Connect for more details.

If you already have your network equipment installed in the same colocation facility where the AWS Direct Connect location exist then you can establish an AWS Direct Connect Dedicated Connection within days. After you request the connection, AWS makes a Letter of Authorization and Connecting Facility Assignment (LOA-CFA) available to you to download, or emails you with a request for more information. The LOA-CFA is the authorization to connect to AWS, and is required by your network provider to order a cross connect for you.

internet-based connectivity DX Dedicated Connection when you already have equipment within DX location Direct Connect Hosted Connections Direct Connect Dedicated Connections
Provisioning time Hours to days Days Few weeks Several weeks to months

The provided provisioning time guidelines are based on our experience working with customers and may vary. However, when taking into consideration your site location, proximity to direct connect location and pre-existing infrastructure, your service provider or AWS Direct Connect Partner can advise you on the precise provisioning time.