Two-Pizza Teams - Introduction to DevOps on AWS

Two-Pizza Teams

"We try to create teams that are no larger than can be fed by two pizzas," said Bezos. "We call that the two-pizza team rule."

The smaller the team the better the collaboration. Collaboration is also very important as the software releases are moving faster than ever. And a team’s ability to deliver the software can be a differentiating factor for your organization against your competition. Imagine a situation in which a new product feature needs to be released or a bug needs to be fixed you want this to happen as quickly as possible so you can have a smaller go-to-market timed. This is also important as you don’t want the transformation to be a slow-moving process rather than an agile approach where waves of changes start to make an impact.

Communication between the teams is also important as we move toward the shared responsibility model and start moving out of the siloed development approach. This brings the concept of ownership in the team and shifts their perspective to look at this as an end-to-end. Your team should not think about your production environments as black boxes where they have no visibility.

Cultural transformation is also important as you may be building a common DevOps team or the other approach is that you have one or more DevOps-focused members on your team. Both of these approaches do introduce shared responsibility in to the team.