Deployment options - Migrating Magento Open Source or Adobe Commerce on Cloud Infrastructure Self-Service to AWS

Deployment options

There are several deployment options available for running Magento (both Magento Open Source or Adobe Commerce on Cloud Infrastructure Self-Service) on AWS. The most appropriate choice depends on your requirements for cost, scale, availability, and flexibility as well as the AWS and Magento skills of your organization. This section outlines the full spectrum of deployment options along with some key characteristics to keep in mind when evaluating each option.

Table 1 – Summary of Adobe Commerce Deployment Options on AWS

Deployment Style Option Description
Self-managed Amazon Lightsail Easy, cost effective start. Best for small business.
Self-managed AWS Marketplace AMI based solutions from variety of providers. Integrate other AWS services. Customer responsible for Adobe Commerce patching/updates and configuring network connections.
Self-managed AWS Quick Start for Magento Deploys Magento open-source reference architecture per AWS best practices in minutes. Highly configurable. Customer responsible for server and Magento maintenance.
Managed hosting AWS Consulting partners Easy deployments, including Magento open-source or Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure self-service store front customizations. Partner responsible for infrastructure and Magento maintenance. Best for organizations with less evolved IT departments or lacking skills/people to build/customize Magento deployments
Managed hosting Magento Commerce Cloud by Adobe Most popular, highly scalable hosting option with Magento Commerce application and infrastructure managed by Adobe and store front customizations managed by merchant.