Monitoring and Logging - Modern Application Development on AWS

Monitoring and Logging

Developers of modern applications should monitor the behavior of their application at runtime using monitoring and logging tools, and use that data to maintain or improve their customers’ experience. In modern digital products, this could mean monitoring a many data types, including application logs, data from mobile devices, web click streams, IoT sensor data, or other usage data. Modern application developers should take advantage of all of this data as they continue to expand and enhance their products.

On AWS, you can set up monitoring, logging, and alarms for all your application components using Amazon CloudWatch. For more information on logging, see Log Aggregation.

Modern Application Checklist

Use the following information to verify the modernization level of your application:

  • Security and compliance are built in throughout the application lifecycle

  • Application is structured as a collection of microservices

  • Serverless technologies are used wherever possible

  • CI/CD is used to deliver high-quality functionality quickly

  • Infrastructure is developed and deployed as code

  • Monitoring tools are used to gain insight into the behavior of the application