Conclusion - Netcracker Active Resource Inventory on AWS


AWS and Netcracker provide capabilities for customers to deploy an Inventory Management architecture to attain scalability, elasticity, and high availability. Customers are using AWS, AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners, and open-source solutions to host mobile workloads on AWS. This has resulted in reduced cost, greater agility, and a reduced global footprint. For partner solutions, AWS has the broadest and strongest partners in the ecosystem, available through AWS Marketplace and APN Partner Central for each part of the stack presented in this paper.

This paper serves as a deep dive into how Netcracker addresses inventory management in the Telecom industry by leveraging AWS services.

It explains how this is achieved by running a scalable and resilient IM platform that can handles CSPs network evolution and growth. Running Netcracker Active Resource Inventory on AWS is a proven platform with experience in massive scale workloads.