Why Netcracker Active Resource Inventory on AWS? - Netcracker Active Resource Inventory on AWS

Why Netcracker Active Resource Inventory on AWS?

The Netcracker Active Resource Inventory application helps CSPs address the challenge of transitioning to virtualized, cloud and 5G networks, as well as responding to the business demands of a digital customer experience. To maximize value and guarantee agility, a matching, cutting-edge IT infrastructure agility is needed.

By hosting Netcracker’s Active Resource Inventory on AWS, CSPs can reduce time to market by accelerating infrastructure procurement and setup processes. They can do so by reusing predefined configurations and instantly available resources.

Netcracker Active Resource Inventory uses AWS flexibility to speed up solution deployment with autoscaling and the capacity of the leading public cloud provider.

Joint global expertise by AWS and Netcracker brings with it best practices for deployment schemes - including deployment scripts, recommended settings and resource utilization.

The “smart tools” provided by AWS use scalability to adjust consumption automatically, based on traffic patterns, thus avoiding complex capacity planning processes.

The swift response to business demand made possible by AWS is critical in cost reduction. From a CAPEX perspective, it helps minimize upfront costs, significantly reduce overprovisioning for peak capacity and avoids far-in-advance pre-provisioning.

The dynamic workload accommodation is highly automated and available as a service, reducing CSP’s complexity and optimizing costs for their IT infrastructure operations: day-to-day operations, spare part management, space availability, connectivity and networking. For those CSPs where cloud transition is still ongoing, AWS and Netcracker support a hybrid model.

Moving the business-critical telecom network data to AWS cloud requires adhereance to strict reliability, security and legislated requirements. Netcracker and AWS have developed, tested and keep enhancing a set of reusable security and integration best practices.

The wide selection of locations ensures convenient access to the service, as well as compliance with limitations related to sensitive data. The end-to-end monitoring and automation environment provides for application availability. Netcracker’s inherent support of evergreen, blue-green and canary deployment schemas offers additional flexibility and simplifies change management.