Appendix 1: Changes from AWS CAF Version 1 - An Overview of the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework - Version 2

Appendix 1: Changes from AWS CAF Version 1

The AWS CAF continues to be widely used by our customers. It is also used widely by AWS teams as they work with organizations to meet their cloud adoption goals. Based on feedback from customers and AWS teams, we made changes to improve clarity and consistency and to better facilitate prescriptive guidance. The following list highlights the changes that were made in the AWS CAF from Version 1 to Version 2:

  • Removed the Maturity Perspective and integrated its content into the other perspectives. Customer experience shows that maturity is an aspect of every perspective and not unique to itself. AWS CAF v2 removes the Maturity Perspective in favor of integrating the maturity concept directly into all of the other Perspectives.

  • Renamed the Process Perspective to the Governance Perspective. Customer experience shows that there is often confusion over business governance and technical governance. To ensure both aspects are fully addressed, the Process Perspective is renamed “Governance Perspective” to show its alignment to business governance. In AWS CAF v2, technical governance is more prominent in the Operations Perspective.

  • Decompose each Perspective into Capabilities instead of Components. Customer experience shows that the variations in components across AWS CAF Perspectives can create challenges in creating a cloud adoption plan. By decomposing into capabilities, AWS CAF v2 is consistent across all Perspectives and simplifies creating a consistent cloud adoption plan.

  • Focus on the Skills and Processes needed to execute each Capability in the Cloud world. The biggest impact of cloud adoption to most organizations is how they execute their business and technical capabilities. AWS CAF v2 focuses on identifying the changes to the “how” and provides guidance on how to make those changes.

  • Focus the Business, People, and Governance Perspectives on Business Capabilities. Focus the Platform, Security, and Operations Perspectives on Technical Capabilities. Customer experience shows the need to ensure that both business and technical stakeholders understand how cloud adoption will impact their owned and managed capabilities. The AWS CAF v2 makes a clear distinction between business and technical stakeholders and structures guidance for both types of stakeholders.