Governance Perspective: Prioritization and Control - An Overview of the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework - Version 2

Governance Perspective: Prioritization and Control

The Governance Perspective focuses on the skills and processes that are needed to align IT strategy and goals with your organization’s business strategy and goals, to ensure your organization maximizes the business value of its IT investment and minimizes the business risks.

This Perspective includes Program Management and Project Management capabilities that support governance processes for cloud adoption and ongoing operations. Figure 4 illustrates the AWS CAF Governance Perspective Capabilities.

Figure 4: AWS CAF Governance Perspective Capabilities

AWS CAF Governance Perspective Capability Descriptions

Portfolio Management – Focuses on your organization’s capability to manage and prioritize IT investments, programs, and projects in alignment with your organization’s business goals.

Portfolio Management is an important mechanism for determining cloud-eligibility for workloads and for prioritizing the move to cloud services. It serves as a focal point for lifecycle management of both applications and services. Teams will need to develop new skills and processes to evaluate cloud services and a workload’s eligibility for the cloud.

Program and Project Management – Addresses your organization’s capability to manage one or several related projects to improve organizational performance and complete the projects on time and on budget.

Traditional waterfall methods of program and project management typically fail to keep up with the pace of iterative changes necessary for cloud adoption and operations. Program and Project Managers need to update their skills and processes to take advantage of the agility and cost management features of cloud services. Teams need to develop new skills in agile project management and new processes for managing agile-style projects.

Business Performance Measurement – Addresses your organization’s capability to measure and optimize processes in support of your organization’s goals.

Cloud services offer the potential for organizations to rapidly experiment with new means of process automation and optimization. Leveraging this potential requires new skills and processes to define cloud-centric Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and create processes to ensure cloud consumption is mapped to business outcomes.

License Management – Defines your organization’s capability to procure, distribute, and manage the licenses needed for IT systems, services, and software. The cloud consumption model requires that teams develop new skills for procurement and license management and new processes for evaluating license needs.