Introduction - An Overview of the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework

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Rapid proliferation of digital technologies has accelerated change and increased competition across a range of market segments and industries. Because sustaining any particular competitive advantage has become increasingly difficult, enterprises are being forced to reinvent themselves at increasingly shorter time intervals. For example, 50% of companies on the S&P 500 are projected to be replaced in the next decade.

Similarly, peoples’ evolving expectations and behaviors are putting pressure on public sector organizations to improve digital service delivery. Organizations across the globe are digitally transforming; they are leveraging digital technologies to drive organizational change that allows them to adapt to changing market conditions, delight their customers, and accelerate their business outcomes.

Millions of AWS customers, including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government organizations, are leveraging AWS to migrate and modernize legacy workloads, become data-driven, digitize and optimize business processes, and reinvent operating and business models. Through cloud powered digital transformation (cloud transformation), they are able to improve their business outcomes, including lower costs, reduce business risks, improve operational efficiency, become more agile, innovate faster, create new revenue streams, and improve customer and employee experience.

Your ability to effectively leverage cloud to digitally transform (your cloud readiness) is underpinned by a set of foundational organizational capabilities. The AWS CAF identifies these capabilities and provides prescriptive guidance that thousands of organizations around the world have successfully used to accelerate their cloud transformation journeys.

AWS and the AWS Partner Network provide tools and services that can help you along each step of the way. AWS Professional Services is a global team of experts that provides assistance through a collection of AWS CAF aligned offerings that can help you achieve specific outcomes related to your cloud transformation.