WebRTC and WebRTC gateway - Real-Time Communication on AWS

WebRTC and WebRTC gateway

Web real-time communication (WebRTC) allows you to establish a call from a web browser or request resources from the backend server by using API. The technology is designed with cloud technology in mind and therefore provides various APIs which could be used to establish a call. Since not all of the voice solutions (including SIP) support these APIs, the WebRTC gateway is required to translate API calls into SIP messages and vice versa.   

Figure 2 shows a design pattern for a highly available WebRTC architecture. The incoming traffic from WebRTC clients is balanced by an Amazon application load balancer with WebRTC running on EC2 instances that are part of an Auto Scaling Group.

Figure 2: A basic topology of an RTC system for voice

Another design pattern for SIP and RTP traffic is to use pairs of SBCs on Amazon EC2 in active passive mode across Availability Zones (Figure 3). Here, an Elastic IP address can be dynamically moved between instances upon failure where DNS cannot be used.

Figure 3: RTC architecture using Amazon EC2 in a VPC