Use Byte-Range Fetches - Best Practices Design Patterns: Optimizing Amazon S3 Performance

Use Byte-Range Fetches

Using the Range HTTP header in a GET Object request, you can fetch a byte-range from an object, transferring only the specified portion. You can use concurrent connections to Amazon S3 to fetch different byte ranges from within the same object. This helps you achieve higher aggregate throughput versus a single whole-object request. Fetching smaller ranges of a large object also allows your application to improve retry times when requests are interrupted. For more information, see Getting Objects.

Typical sizes for byte-range requests are 8 MB or 16 MB. If objects are PUT using a multipart upload, it’s a good practice to GET them in the same part sizes (or at least aligned to part boundaries) for best performance. GET requests can directly address individual parts; for example, GET ?partNumber=N.