Introduction - Security Overview of AWS Lambda


Today, more workloads are using AWS Lambda to achieve scalability, performance, and cost efficiency, without managing the underlying infrastructure. These workloads scale to thousands of concurrent requests per second. Lambda is one of the many important services that is offered by AWS today. Lambda is used by hundreds of thousands of Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers to serve trillions of requests every month.

Lambda is suitable for mission critical applications in many industries. A broad variety of customers, from media and entertainment to financial services and other regulated industries, take advantage of Lambda. These customers decrease time to market, optimize costs, and improve agility by focusing on what they do best: running their business.

The managed runtime environment model enables Lambda to manage much of the implementation details of running serverless workloads. This model further reduces the attack surface while making cloud security simpler. This whitepaper presents the underpinnings of that model, along with best practices, to developers, security analysts, security and compliance teams, and other stakeholders.