Serverless Best Practices - Serverless Architectures with AWS Lambda

Serverless Best Practices

Now that we’ve covered the components of a Lambda-based serverless application, let’s cover some recommended best practices. There are many SDLC and server-based architecture best practices that are also true for serverless architectures: eliminate single points of failure, test changes prior to deployment, encrypt sensitive data, etc.

However, achieving best practices for serverless architectures can be a different task because of how different the operating model is. You don’t have access to, or concerns about, an operating system or any lower-level components in the infrastructure. Because of this, your focus is solely on your own application code/architecture, the development processes you follow, and the features of the AWS services your application leverages that enable you to follow best practices.

First, we review a set of best practices for designing your serverless architecture according to the AWS Well-Architected Framework. Then, we cover some best practices and recommendations for your development process when building serverless applications.