JDBC Interpreter - Teaching Big Data Skills with Amazon EMR

JDBC Interpreter

Zeppelin can be used to communicate with databases. For example, you can configure Zeppelin to use a JDBC interpreter to access Hive. For more information, see Using the jdbc Interpreter to Access Hive.

  1. Install JDBC interpreter using the following command.

    sudo cp /usr/lib/hive/jdbc/hive-jdbc-2.3.2-amzn-1-standalone.jar /usr/lib/zeppelin/interpreter/jdbc/

    For additional information on configuring the JDBC interpreter, see Hive Interpreter for Apache Zeppelin.

  1. Configure Zeppelin impersonation for Hive:

    1. In the Zeppelin UI, navigate to the {jdbc} section of the Interpreter page.

    2. Click Edit, then add a hive.proxy.user.property property and set its value to hive.server2.proxy.user.

    3. Click Save, then click Restart to restart the JDBC interpreter.