Required Parameters and Values - Teaching Big Data Skills with Amazon EMR

Required Parameters and Values

Provide the students with the following information:

  • Username and password to access the AWS Management Console

    In this sample setup, we specified student usernames as student01, student02, and student03. Depending on the username convention that you use, the CloudFormation template can be updated as needed.

  • Public SubnetID to deploy the EMR cluster

    Use the value as noted in preceding Step 11 for PublicSubnet1

  • Security group to add to the EMR clusters

    Use the value as noted in preceding Step 11 for WebAccessSecurityGroup

To support the setup of EMR resources, students must create two things:

  • An EC2 key pair to enable them SSH access to their EMR clusters

    For simplicity, the name of the key pair can match the student AWS username

  • A folder in the S3 bucket (as created in Deploying the Baseline Course Infrastructure setup) where students can store their data sets, code and project resources to support their course work. This bucket folder is only accessible to the specific student and course administrators.

    Based on the IAM policies created earlier in the base course infrastructure setup, the folder name only accepts the AWS username of the student