Teaching Big Data Skills with Amazon EMR - Teaching Big Data Skills with Amazon EMR

Teaching Big Data Skills with Amazon EMR

Publication date: July 24, 2020 (Document revisions)


In today's competitive data analysis space, Apache Hadoop workloads have become more relevant to organizations of all sizes and purposes. As such, the skillsets associated with managing these workloads are in high demand. To keep up with this demand, universities have begun to offer classes that teach these concepts to the next generation of business and IT professionals. The IT staff supporting these organizations are often tasked with enabling students with an advanced, modern infrastructure to support a demanding curriculum. Due to short-term semesters, it is cost prohibitive for universities to invest in dedicated infrastructure for these classes, which can become quickly outdated.

This document discusses multiple deployment options available to higher-education organizations, enabling them to provide a modern AWS infrastructure to support a big data class offering using Amazon EMR. Although not limited in scope to higher education, this content was designed with the higher-education instructional use-case in mind. If you are part of an academic institution that is a member of AWS Educate, program benefits may be available. Contact your AWS Account Manager for more information on AWS Educate.