Checking application correctness - Using Ellexus Breeze for EDA Workload Migration to AWS

Checking application correctness

Application correctness is about making sure that the workflow is consistent across all platforms. For example, are all the dependencies and library versions the same, is the EDA tool being called with the same arguments? In EDA, accountability and reproducibility are vital, so it’s critical to ensure that workflows are not just working, but working correctly. By capturing arguments, the environment of every process in a scripted workflow, and all the dependencies, Breeze can verify that the application is running in exactly the same way on AWS, and reading the same files as it does in an on-premises environment.

In Figure 9, we can see that the version of Xilinx Vivado is the same as the version we used on premises. We can also export the file dependencies and verify that any differences are not functional differences.

Figure 9: Version check and file dependency verification