Extracting workflow dependencies - Using Ellexus Breeze for EDA Workload Migration to AWS

Extracting workflow dependencies

The application dependencies can be found by switching to the Breeze Files view, as shown in Figure 4. This table displays every file that has been accessed by the EDA tool. It also displays the mount point and, if additional options are set at trace time, it also shows the Linux package needed to install the dependency, if applicable. Scrolling right will show every operation that has been performed on each file, the performance of that I/O, and whether the operation was successful.

The files view for this project tells us that:

  • the EDA tool is installed in /nfs/tools/Xilinx

  • the Xilinx MicroBlaze IP is contained in a subdirectory of /nfs/projects/

  • the workflow scripts are in /nfs/workflows

  • the workflow uses /scratch for temporary files

This table shows you where an application is spending its time, but if all you need are its dependencies, you can export this list using the Breeze CLI. With this data, everything needed to replicate the on-premises infrastructure on AWS is now available.

Figure 4: Breeze Files view showing a list of every file used and its I/O patterns