Introduction - Using Ellexus Breeze for EDA Workload Migration to AWS


Ellexus provides I/O profiling solutions to monitor, profile, discover, and debug scientific and engineering workloads and high performance computing (HPC) systems.

Ellexus Breeze is an offline analysis tool that profiles workflows to collect file system dependencies as well as CPU, memory, and I/O requirements. This allows you to analyze and migrate legacy EDA tools, and right-size cloud resources for the entire workflow.

The first challenge when migrating a workload to a new environment is making it work. The second challenge is making it work well. Breeze addresses both of these challenges by giving you the information you need to make informed choices and troubleshoot issues quickly.

Although a deep understanding of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) workflows is not necessary, you should have a basic understanding of EDA tools and their underlying infrastructure.