Tracing the EDA workflow with Breeze - Using Ellexus Breeze for EDA Workload Migration to AWS

Tracing the EDA workflow with Breeze

Breeze works straight out of the box with no changes to the workflow or the machine. Because it runs in userspace and installs with just an untar command, it only takes seconds to get started tracing the EDA workflow.

Breeze can be downloaded from the Ellexus downloads webpage. The Breeze Installation Guide and Breeze User Manual can be found here: Breeze release notes and manuals. Breeze is installed in the shared file system, ensuring that it’s accessible from all hosts. You must complete license configuration before running Breeze. Contact Ellexus for licensing options, or license Breeze directly through the AWS Marketplace.

The Breeze licensing model permits tracing and profiling of applications anywhere in the world on any machine. The obfuscated trace data can be moved to a system with a licensed copy of Breeze for analysis. This model makes it practical to license Breeze through AWS Marketplace and use it to analyze applications that you are running on premises. Simply trace your on-premises workflow and then upload the trace data to your Breeze Amazon Machine Image (AMI) on AWS for analysis.

The following command will trace the EDA workflow and store the trace data in /tmp for post processing.

$ cd /nfs/workflows/xilinx/microblaze/xcvu9p-flga2104-2L-e $ <Breeze install>/ -f /tmp/trace.out ./