Connecting Microsoft Power BI Desktop to AWS data sources - Using Microsoft Power BI with the AWS Cloud

Connecting Microsoft Power BI Desktop to AWS data sources

Most often customers who start with Microsoft Power BI Desktop are interested in how they can connect to AWS data sources from their on-premises computers and network. The desktop application is typically running on their local Windows laptop and physical and logical connectivity to AWS data sources are the biggest perceived barriers to entry.

However, another option exists, which is to run the Microsoft Power BI Desktop in the AWS Cloud. This option significantly reduces connectivity barriers to AWS data sources, but also requires some additional considerations. Both models are discussed in this section. We examine the implications of each in relation to connectivity, security, performance, and costs so that you can decide which option is best for you. The options presented in this section illustrate Amazon RDS, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon Athena. For a full discussion of all AWS data sources, refer to Appendix: Microsoft Power BI supported AWS data sources.