Infrastructure 6.22 release - AWS Wickr

Infrastructure 6.22 release

The following release notes include information for infrastructure release 6.22. For information on the release timeline, see Change log.

Platform version


6.22.1 (1757)

New features:

Support for multi-region federation. Wickr Enterprise customers can now federate with AWS Wickr customers in AWS Canada (Central) and London regions in addition to Northern Virginia.

Changes, enhancements, and resolved issues:

New users will no longer be prompted to enter a phone number when onboarding on Android devices.

Improvements: No change

Change log

Change log for 6.22 release and release notes

Change Description Date

Final release

Final notes with Replicated build number

September 25, 2023

Infrastructure update

Updates to address vulnerability scan results

September 25, 2023

Initial release

Initial release of September release notes

September 13, 2023