Amazon WorkDocs
Administration Guide

Recovery Bin Retention

Files deleted by a user are stored in the user’s recycle bin for 30 days. Afterwards, the files are temporarily moved to a recovery bin for 60 days before they are permanently deleted. The recovery bin is visible only to administrators. By changing the site-wide data retention policy, site administrators can change the recovery bin retention period, up to a maximum of 365 days. Files are permanently deleted at the end of the retention period.

To change the recovery bin retention period

  1. Open the WorkDocs Administration Control Panel.

  2. On the Recovery bin retention page, choose Change.

  3. Enter the number of days for which files should be retained in the recovery bin, and choose Save.


    The default retention period is 60 days and can be changed to 0–365 days.

To restore a user's file

  1. Open the WorkDocs Administration Control Panel.

  2. In the Administration Control Panel page, choose Manage Users.

  3. To view recoverable files for a specific user, select the folder icon for that user.

  4. Under Recovery bin, choose any of the user's files to restore.

  5. On the Restore file page, choose the location to restore the file, and choose Restore.