Turning off Auto activation - Amazon WorkDocs

You must be an Amazon WorkDocs system administrator to complete the steps in this guide. If you need help using Amazon WorkDocs, see Getting started with Amazon WorkDocs in the Amazon WorkDocs User Guide.

Turning off Auto activation

You turn off Auto activation when you don't want to add all the users in a directory to a new site, and when you want to set different permissions and roles for the users that you invite to a new site. When you turn Auto activation off, you can also decide who has the ability to invite new users to the site — current users, power users, or administrators. These steps explain how to do both tasks.

To turn off Auto activation
  1. Choose the profile icon in the upper-right corner of the WorkDocs client.

                       The default profile icon in the Amazon WorkDocs web client.

  2. Under Admin, choose Open admin control panel.

  3. Scroll down to Security and choose Change.

    The Policy Settings dialog box appears.

  4. Under Auto activation, clear the check box next to Allow all users in your directory to be automatically activated upon their first login to your WorkDocs site.

    The options change under Who should be allowed to activate directory users in your WorkDocs site. You can let current users invite new users, or you can give that ability to power users or other administrators.

  5. Select an option, then choose Save Changes.

Repeat steps 1-4 to re-enable Auto activation.