Creating an Amazon WorkDocs site - Amazon WorkDocs

Notice: New customer sign-ups and account upgrades are no longer available for Amazon WorkDocs. Learn about migration steps here: How to migrate data from Amazon WorkDocs.

Creating an Amazon WorkDocs site

The steps in the following sections explain how to set up a new Amazon WorkDocs site.

Before you begin

You must have the following items before you create an Amazon WorkDocs site.

  • An AWS account for creating and administering Amazon WorkDocs sites. However, users do not need an AWS account to connect to and use Amazon WorkDocs. For more information, see Prerequisites for Amazon WorkDocs.

  • If you plan to use Simple AD, you must meet the prerequisites identified in Simple AD Prerequisites in the AWS Directory Service Administration Guide.

  • An AWS Managed Microsoft AD Directory if you belong to a compliance program such as PCI, FedRAMP, or DoD. The steps in this section explain how to use an existing Microsoft AD Directory. For information about creating a Microsoft AD Directory, see AWS Managed Microsoft AD in the AWS Directory Service Administration Guide.

  • Profile information for the administrator, including first and last name, and an email address.

Creating an Amazon WorkDocs site

Follow these steps to create an Amazon WorkDocs site in minutes.

To create the Amazon WorkDocs site
  1. Open the Amazon WorkDocs console at

  2. On the console's Home page, under Create a WorkDocs site, choose Get Started now.


    In the navigation pane, choose My sites, and on the Manage your WorkDocs sites page, choose Create a WorkDocs site.

    What happens next depends on whether you have a directory.

    • If you have a directory, The Select a directory page appears and allows you to choose an existing directory or create a directory.

    • If you don't have a directory, the Set up a directory type page appears and allows you to create a Simple AD or AD Connector directory

    The following steps explain how to do both tasks.

    To use an existing directory
    1. Open the Available directories list and choose the directory that you want to use.

    2. Choose Enable directory.

    To create a directory
    1. Repeat steps 1 and 2 above.

      At this point, what you do depends on whether you want to use Simple AD or create an AD Connector.

      To use Simple AD
      1. Choose Simple AD, then choose Next.

        The Create Simple AD site page appears.

      2. Under Access point, in the Site URL box, enter the URL for the site.

      3. Under Set WorkDocs administrator, enter the administrator's email address, first name, and last name.

      4. As needed, complete the options under Directory details and VPC configuration.

      5. Choose Create Simple AD site.

      To create an AD Connector directory
      1. Choose AD Connector, then choose Next.

        The Create AD Connector site page appears.

      2. Complete all the fields under Directory details.

      3. Under Access point, in the Site URL box, enter your site's URL.

      4. As desired, complete the optional fields under VPC configuration.

      5. Choose Create AD Connector site.

Amazon WorkDocs does the following:

  • If you chose Set up a VPC on my behalf in step 4 above, Amazon WorkDocs creates a VPC for you. A directory in the VPC stores user and Amazon WorkDocs site information.

  • If you used Simple AD, Amazon WorkDocs creates a Directory User and sets that user as an Amazon WorkDocs administrator. If you created an AD Connector directory, Amazon WorkDocs sets the existing directory user that you provided as a WorkDocs administrator.

  • If you used an existing directory, Amazon WorkDocs prompts you to enter the user name of the Amazon WorkDocs administrator. The user must be a member of the directory.


Amazon WorkDocs doesn't notify users about the new site. You need to communicate the URL to them, and let them know that they don't need a separate login to use the site.