Amazon WorkDocs
Administration Guide

Getting Started with AWS Managed Microsoft AD

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to set up an Amazon WorkDocs site by connecting to your on-premises AWS Managed Microsoft AD directory.


If you are part of a compliance program, such as PCI, FedRAMP, or DoD, you must set up a AWS Managed Microsoft AD Directory to meet compliance requirements.

Before You Begin

  • You must create a Trust Relationship between your AWS Directory service and AWS Managed Microsoft AD. For more information, see When to Create a Trust Relationship.

  • You must create a AWS Managed Microsoft AD. For more information, see How to Create a Microsoft AD directory.

  • When you launch a new Amazon WorkDocs site, you must specify profile information for the administrator, including first and last name and an email address.

Step 1: Launch the Amazon WorkDocs Site

Follow the steps below to launch your Amazon WorkDocs site.

To launch the Amazon WorkDocs site

  1. Open the Amazon WorkDocs console at

    If you have never created or connected a directory in the selected region, you see the Amazon WorkDocs start page. After you create a directory in a particular region, the start page is no longer available and you see the Manage Your WorkDocs Sites page instead.

  2. Choose Get Started Now from the Amazon WorkDocs start page or choose Create a New WorkDocs Site from the Manage Your WorkDocs Sites page.

  3. On the Get Started with WorkDocs page, next to Standard Setup, choose Launch.

Step 2: Enable AWS Managed Microsoft AD and Set Administrator

Follow the steps below to enable your AWS Managed Microsoft AD and set an administrator.

To enable your AWS Managed Microsoft AD

  1. From the list of available directories, select the AWS Managed Microsoft AD to use for your Amazon WorkDocs site.


    Make sure that site is being created in the same region as the AWS Managed Microsoft AD.

  2. Choose Enable directory.

  3. On the Set WorkDocs Administrator page, enter a username from the AWS Managed Microsoft AD directory to be your Amazon WorkDocs administrator and choose Select Administrator.

    It takes several minutes for the directory to be connected and the Amazon WorkDocs site to be created. When the directory has been successfully connected, the Status value of the site changes to Active.

Step 3: Complete Admin Control Panel Setup

After you receive the administrator registration email, connect to the Amazon WorkDocs site using the client of your choice and complete setup from your admin control panel.

To complete admin control panel setup

  1. In the administrator registration email, use the link to sign in to Amazon WorkDocs.

  2. Under My account, choose Open admin control panel.

  3. Change settings for preferred language, storage, security, and recovery bin. For more information, see Storage Settings, Managing Security Settings, and Recovery Bin Retention Settings.

  4. Under Manage Users, invite new users. You can also edit user settings.

For more information, see Inviting and Managing Amazon WorkDocs Users.