Amazon WorkDocs
Administration Guide

Enabling an Existing AWS Directory Service Directory

If you have an existing AWS Directory Service directory in the current region, you can connect Amazon WorkDocs to your existing directory. This can be either a Simple AD directory or an AD Connector directory. To connect to an existing AWS Directory Service directory, perform the following steps.

To connect to an existing directory

  1. Open the Amazon WorkDocs console at

  2. On the Manage Your WorkDocs Sites page, choose Create a New WorkDocs Site.

  3. On the Select a Directory page, select your AWS Directory Service directory from the Available Directories list and choose Enable Directory.


    If you are part of a compliance program, such as PCI, FedRAMP, or DoD, you must set up a Microsoft AD Directory to meet compliance requirements.

  4. On the Set WorkDocs Administrator page, enter a username from the AWS Directory Service directory to be your Amazon WorkDocs administrator and choose Select Administrator.

    It takes several minutes for the directory to be connected and the Amazon WorkDocs site to be created. When the directory has been successfully connected, the Status value of the site changes to Active.